What is the Tiffin Allegro Club?

Why Join the Tiffin Allegro Club?

  • Legacy of Friendship: This milestone is a testament to the enduring spirit of the Tiffin Allegro Club. For 45 years, the Tiffin Allegro Club has been a beacon of friendship and community where experiences are shared, connections are forged, and lifelong friendships are born.
  • Community Connection with Local Chapters: Connect with like-minded Vanleigh and Tiffin owners in your area, creating lasting friendships and memories.
  • Tiffin Rallies: Attend our renowned Tiffin Rallies, offering opportunities for camaraderie, entertainment, and Tiffin service and support.
  • Exclusive Benefits: As a member of the Tiffin Allegro Club, you gain access to a host of benefits meticulously tailored to enhance your ownership experience. From members-only events to exclusive discounts, each perk is designed with you in mind.
  • Technical Support: Our dedicated forums provide a platform for you to seek expert advice and technical support, ensuring that your Tiffin Motorhome remains in peak condition for all your adventures.
  • Travel Resources: Navigate the roads with confidence using our travel resources. Benefit from recommended routes, campground reviews, and insider tips shared by experienced Tiffin owners who understand the joy of exploration.
  • Discounted Rates from Vendors: Enjoy exclusive discounts from top-notch vendors offering RV-related products and services; here are just a few:
    • Michelin Advantage Tire Program: Get special discounts on Michelin tires for a smoother and safer journey.
    • Insurance Discounts: Shield your travels with tailored insurance plans at special rates.
    • Medjet Emergency Medical Program: Travel confidently with access to global emergency medical transportation.
    • SafeRide RV Roadside Assistance: Travel with peace of mind, knowing help is just a call away.
    • Kleen Tank: Keep your tanks clean and odor-free with discounts on Kleen Tank products.
    • Adventure Caravans RV Tours & Rallies: Embark on thrilling adventures with fellow Tiffin owners.
    • RV SnapPad: Experience stability and ease with discounts on SnapPads, the ultimate leveling solution.
    • Harvest Hosts: Experience unique camping at wineries, farms, and more with a Harvest Hosts membership.
    • Beddy’s Quick Zip Sheets: Transform your RV interior into a cozy haven with special offers on Beddy’s bedding.
    • My RV School: Expand your knowledge and skills with exclusive educational resources.

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Open to All Tiffin and Vanleigh Owners:

How to Join: